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September 2015 News Letter

Service Works "Up On Top" Newsletter
September 2015

Safety is something that impacts everyone. From the roofing contractor that has to understand and implement policies on fall protection, ladder safety, and PPE's, to the business consumer who needs to understand how an unsafe contractor can cost their company.   

At Service Works safety is a priority and we have a full time Safety Director on staff to keep our employees trained in the latest OSHA regulations, safe operations of cranes and aerial lifts, and the proper disposal of asbestos containing materials and other hazardous materials. Other contractors who do not make this financial commitment for safety may be able to pass along their lower costs, but consumers should be aware of the increased liability that this presents to them. Safety doesn't cost, it saves!     

To get a copy of our safety policy and see how it can save you money call your local branch of Service Works, Your Full Service Roofing Contractor.          

Your Service Works Team

Understanding Roof Fire Ratings
Roofing systems are rated by realistic fire tests. We must emphasize, however, that individual roof components are not rated at all! Our roof systems are rated by code for external fire resistance, under-deck exposure, and time-temperature resistance. One goal of this column will be to increase your understanding of each of these ratings, and what the rating does and does not do for your peace of mind.
In catastrophic fires such as the great Chicago or London fires, close proximity of adjacent buildings coupled with combustible roofs resulted in block after block of each city being consumed in flames. Codes today take proximity into consideration, as well as building use and occupant density, when establishing fire resistance requirements.
The highest degree of fire resistance is designated Class A, with B being slightly inferior and Class C lower yet. For high-risk buildings such as theaters, hospitals and schools, the code may require the Class A rating, while adjacent, less critical structures might only need to meet a less stringent B or C. Remember, however, that Class A has nothing to do with roof quality or durability. Some compromise might have been made, for example, in the number of plies in a BUR membrane to squeak by the test requirement. Meeting code is necessary, but exceeding it could result in a thinner, less weather-resistant roof.
A rooftop fire can result in ignition of the underlying combustible roof deck if the mass of surfacing, membrane and insulation is inadequate to thermally protect the deck from reaching its ignition temperature. Aggregate and ballasted roofs perform well in this regard, as do many roof insulations such as mineral fiber, perlite, glass fiber, foamed-glass roof insulations, and gypsum cover boards.
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Service Works is Your Full Service Roofing Contractor specializing in 24/7 leak repairs, preventative maintenance, and reroofing. When it has to be done on time and within budget, you can depend on Service Works. 
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Preventative Maintenance

Do you want to avoid those emergency leak calls at your facility? Tired of having to extract water from your carpets, repaint walls, or change ceiling tiles? Do you want to keep your tenants happy and avoid litigation?

You need a preventative maintenance program for your roof. A comprehensive PM program includes a thorough review of your roof's current conditions, and recommendation to correct any defects. That way you can eliminate small problems before they become big issues.  

Do you need a free PM analysis of your roof? Call your local branch of Service Works, Your Full Service Roofing Contractor.
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