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October 2014 News Letter

Service Works "Up On Top" Newsletter
October 2014

So it's time to solicit bids for that reroofing project that you have been putting off. Where do you start?

Of the many things to consider, the critical items would be the specification or system type, does it meet all local codes, is it suitable for my building conditions, and warranty duration. Price is important but the values of these previous items should hold greater weight.  

Does the specification include tapered insulation to evacuate the water off the roof? Is there adequate drainage capacity? Are there secondary scuppers in case the primary drains back up? All costly items to incorporate in a reroofing project, but if not included a catastrophe could ensue.         


It is important to read and understand the proposals that you receive and recognize the value of all of the items that make up the specification. To often people make a buying decision based solely on price and end up regretting that decision.    


For a value added proposal on your next reroofing or repair project call your local branch of Service Works - Your Full Service Roofing Contractor. 




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Roofing Contracts
The Lowest Price Is Not Always The B
est Value


What is the actual price an Owner pays for roofing work? Those Owners who can see the bigger picture realize the price entails more than the number at the bottom of the proposal or contract. Our industry and society have molded each of us to look for a bargain. Unfortunately, many Owners are so preoccupied with finding the lowest prices that they fail to realize and fail to understand they are paying more for a service in the long run.


For instance, let's say an Owner is bidding out a reroofing project and one of the contractors is 5% less than the other. Most Owners go for the less expensive company. If there is more comfort dealing with the more expensive company, the Owner may ask him to do the job for the lower price. Sometimes the contractor can lower the price and sometimes not. If the Owner chooses the lowest price or coerces the other roofing contractor to lower his price, he has created problems for himself that will inevitably cost him more than the 5% price break.



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Roof Collapse

Roof colapse

Don't let this happen to you. Make sure that your roof system has adequate drainage and that the drains are properly cleaned and serviced.

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