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November 2015 News Letter

Service Works "Up On Top" Newsletter
November 2015

Hurricane season is over and the Holiday's are approaching. It's time for a roof inspection to insure that all maintenance items on your roof are taken care.

Filling pitch pans, resealing metal coping caps, and removing any debris from drains are recommended to insure that your roof's life is maximized and trouble free. It is a good value to spend a little money maintaining your roof system rather than a lot of money to replace your roof prematurely.   

To have your roof professionally inspected and maintained call your local branch of Service Works, Your Full Service Roofing Contractor.          

Your Service Works Team

Managing An Ageing Roof
When it comes to addressing an ageing roof, you don't have to feel like a cat on a hot tin one. As facility managers are forced to do more with less due to shrinking staff and budget constraints, roof replacement, repair, and maintenance are frequently delayed, sometimes indefinitely.
Many facility managers find themselves in a position of playing catch up with a portfolio of aging roofs, many of which have unknown conditions and may be near the end of their service life. Consider the following strategies to develop a roof asset management plan.

First it's important to identify why roofs fail. Ideally a roof would fail due to age and exposure to natural factors such as heat, ultraviolet (UV) light, and water. However, poor design, lack of maintenance, material failure, improper construction, abuse, and severe weather can contribute to premature roof failure. Consequently, most roofs do not fail on a normal and predictable age-related deterioration curve.
The normal roof service life for a low slope roof is between 15 and 20 years. It does not take an expensive roof system to exceed this norm. With sound strategy and an action plan, you can lessen the risk of failure, extend roof service life, and reduce total cost of ownership.

Whether you are taking over responsibility for an existing portfolio or have been managing a portfolio for years, overcoming the challenges associated with an aging portfolio starts with obtaining information in order to make sound decisions.

About Service Works

Service Works is Your Full Service Roofing Contractor specializing in 24/7 leak repairs, preventative maintenance, and reroofing. When it has to be done on time and within budget, you can depend on Service Works. 
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Introducing New Software

In order to better serve our valuable customers we have recently upgraded to a new software system in our Service Department. 

FCS is a comprehensive software suite that will enhance your customer experience with Service Works. The service module will alert customers when a service request has been received, when it is scheduled, when the Technicians arrive at the repair site, and when they complete the repair. All in real time. So now you, as a Property Manager or Owner, can better serve your clients using this up-to-date information.   

To learn more about FCS call your local branch of Service Works, Your Full Service Roofing Contractor.
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