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March 2015 News Letter

Service Works "Up On Top" Newsletter
March 2015

Have a leaky roof? Are you over the fact that your current roofing contractor cannot seem to find and fix your problem? Tired of replacing drywall, paint, and carpet?

We hear your pain and that is why successful leak repairs are a cornerstone of our company. Our professional technicians are continually trained on the proper techniques and materials to use on the various roof systems in today's commercial roofing marketplace. From the safety setup using OSHA standards, to expert diagnosis, through the proper repairs using recommended methods from the NRCA's Repair Manual For Low Slope Membrane Roof Systems. Our Experts provide reliable long-term repairs for built-up, modified bitumen, thermoplastic and thermoset roof systems.       

Next time you have a leak, call Service Works, Your Full Service Roofing Contractor. We'll take over from here.



Your Service Works Team


Roof Drains - It's Not Complicated


There is a real difference between water-shedding and waterproofing when it comes to roofs. In building construction, waterproof means resistant to hydrostatic forces, while water-shedding means a roofing system that redirects water to roof drains, gutters, or scuppers.


How Water Reaches the Right Place

On steeply sloped roof systems, there is no need for the roof system to be perfect. Water generally will run downhill, and for various shingles and shakes, slopes of 3 inches (or more) are adequate to get the water to the valleys and gutters.


For low-slope roofing - generally defined as a slope of 0.25 inches per foot, or 2%, the minimum slope required by code for new construction - workmanship is far more critical. The installed membrane also relies upon accessories such as pitch pans, flashings, and functional roof drains, as well as protection against abuse by other trades.


For reroofing, buildings require positive drainage or no standing water 48 hours after rain falls. When retrofitting an existing roof, we have an opportunity to note whether the existing roof ponds water and to either add new drains or use tapered insulation to eliminate those ponds. 




About Service Works

Service Works is Your Full Service Roofing Contractor specializing in 24/7 leak repairs, preventative maintenance, and reroofing. When it has to be done on time and within budget, you can depend on Service Works. 
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Roof Repairs

Leak diagnosis and repairs requires a great deal of "Art and Science". The "Art" portion is accomplished by the Technicians knowing the failure points of the various commercial roof system in the market, and then systematically water testing them until they leak, or they can be eliminated. The "Science" portion is the actual repairs. The Technicians need to know the proper materials to use, and the techniques to employ to ensure the repairs are long lived.       

To have your next leak successfully repaired call your local branch of Service Works, Your Full Service Roofing Contractor.
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