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April 2016 News Letter

Service Works "Up On Top" Newsletter
April 2016

Roof Safety.

It's everybody's responsibility. It's important that Property Managers and Building Owners know that they need to provide a safe work environment on their site, Defective decking, improper access points, and lack of perimeter protection adjacent to mechanical units all could become liabilities to the Owners.

Further, Property Managers and Owners need to know that unsafe practices by their chosen contractor could expose them to added liabilities. Make sure that when you select the contractors to work on your roof that they have adequate and up to date insurance, have a safety program in place and are current with all of their OSHA safety training.  

To learn more about our many safety programs, extensive OSHA training, and our commitment to a full time Safety Director, call your local branch of Service Works, Your Full Service Roofing Contractor.

Your Service Works Team

Roof Access and Your Obligations for Safety
Your roof is a landmine of potential hazards. Ladders, perimeter walls, decking, skylights, and physical exposure to the natural elements can put workers at risk for slips and falls.
As a Property Manager or Building Owner make sure you take the right precautions. Common sense practices such as limiting who can access the roof, requiring training for those who do, and providing safety equipment will help to keep facilities staff and outside contractors from harm.
Roofing Hazards Overview

Roofs aren't designed for constant foot traffic yet inspections and repairs require workers to tread lightly across membranes and metal panels. Many roof accidents involve trips or falls from heights that result in hundreds of deaths annually and scores of other non-fatal injuries.
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Service Works is Your Full Service Roofing Contractor specializing in 24/7 leak repairs, preventative maintenance, and reroofing. When it has to be done on time and within budget, you can depend on Service Works. 
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We would like to announce a new addition to our team in the Ft. Myers office, Chuck Swansfeger. Chuck brings to us many talents including decades of roofing knowledge, estimating, project management and more.

We consider Chuck to be a valuable addition to our Ft. Myers team and look forward to his many successes. 

For a free roof evaluation, estimate, or preventative maintenance program call you local office of Service Works, Your Full Service Roofing Contractor.
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