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April 2014 News Letter

Service Works "Up On Top" Newsletter

April  2014


The rainy season is coming. Have you had your roof inspected lately?


A comprehensive roof inspection can detect small problems before they become big problems. It can find that tear in the base flashing and fix it before your tenant calls and reports that a roof leak has just shorted out his electrical panel. It can find a clogged drain and unclog it before the excess weight can collapse the roof. In short it can buy you peace of mind knowing that you have been proactive on managing and maintaining your roof system.    

The roofing industry recommends inspections twice a year, and manufactures recommend at least one inspection annually to maintain their warranties. If it's an especially active storm season you should inspect your roof after every major storm.       


To have your roof inspected by a professional call your local branch of Service Works - Your Full Service Roofing Contractor. 




Your Service Works Team



10 Reasons Roofs Should Be Inspected


Roofs are often said to be like tires. We only think of them when a problem arises, and we only replace them when we absolutely must. But, when we do think of tires and maintain them regularly, we can extend their useful lives. Similarly, we need to ensure that the roof receives the proper maintenance to increase its useful life.

Extending roof life starts with regular inspections. The National Roofing Contractors Association recommends inspecting all roofs twice a year: once after the coldest weather, once after the hottest weather. (And it's always a good idea to inspect the roof following any major weather event.) But why should roofs be inspected, and what do we hope to discover by doing so?


All roofs should be inspected whether they are low slope roofs or steep roofs. A low slope roof is one with a slope of less than 3:12 whereas a roof with a slope greater than 3:12 is considered to be a steep roof. All low slope roofs should have at least 2 percent slope, which is approximately .25" per foot.


What follows are ten pieces of advices - or the ten most common reasons - to inspect roofs at least twice per year.





About Service Works


Service Works is Your Full Service Roofing Contractor specializing in 24/7 leak repairs, preventative maintenance, and reroofing. When it has to be done on time and within budget, you can depend on Service Works. 


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Roof Coatings 


Want to protect the roof system that you currently have? Maybe extend out its useful life so you can put off the expense of a reroof? How about increasing its energy efficiency and even qualifying for a rebate? All of these benefits can be achieved by coating your roof system.


Call Service Works, your Full Service Roofing Contractor, to see if your roof system is a coating candidate.







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